Traditional Merchant Processing

Give your customers the choice to pay however they want. Online, in person, in-app, or over the phone — we’ve got you covered with simple solutions and integrated options.


Enhance the checkout process

Accepting credit cards and debit cards is a key factor in satisfying your customers in today’s marketplace. BCMS gives retailers a fast, low-cost way to authorize and process credit card sales. We offer an extensive selection of payment solutions designed to enhance the checkout process.

Solutions for the food service industry

A successful restaurant of any size requires the acceptance of credit and debit cards. In addition to credit card acceptance, you likely need the ability to input tips and manage your wait staff. BCMS can customize a software package for your business, or we can easily integrate into your existing point-of-sale system.

These processing services can be combined with additional solutions such as Customizable Gift Cards to create a powerful package for a restaurant.

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Easy to process credit cards and debit cards on-the-go

BCMS makes it easy to process credit cards and debit cards on-the-go. With our mobile solutions, we can provide you with a wireless terminal so you can take payments anywhere or we can set you up to take payments directly from smartphones. Accept credit card payments and increase sales no matter where your business takes you.

Automatically identify transactions for savings

Do you currently accept payments from other businesses or Government agencies? If so, adding Level 3 (Level III) Data to your Business, Corporate and Purchasing Cards will significantly reduce the Interchange fees that you pay to process these same Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions. Our solutions automate the process of identifying Level 3 (Level III) eligible transactions, simplify the requirements, and deliver savings.

Enhance your savings with Interchange Optimization.

Industry Examples

Internet sales

Internet sales are the fastest growing segment of credit card use. Whether e-Commerce is your primary focus or you offer a combination of online sales and in-person sales, BCMS can streamline your operations. Our virtual, secure, web-based terminal can perform the same functions as a physical credit card terminal. Additionally, we have the ability to accept payment in most common foreign currencies. With BCMS, you can connect your virtual terminal to your website shopping cart for a safe and reliable e-Commerce solution.
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