Our Zero Cost Credit Card Processing Solution is:

  • Zero cost: You’ll keep 100% of every credit card sale.
  • Fully compliant: Our solution ensures full compliance.
  • Cost-effective: Our solution eliminates surcharging guess work.
  • Customer friendly: Pass on the fee for credit cards only. Customers can always choose debit as a no-fee option.

Accept Credit Cards

When customers choose a credit card, they also cover the fee.

At the time of purchase, CardX informs the customer of the fee amount, and always gives the option to pay with a no-fee method or whatever credit card type they choose. You receive 100% of the amount of your sale — without the guesswork of surcharging.

Accept Debit Cards

When customers choose a debit card, they pay no fee, keeping you compliant.

Your customers always have a no-fee payment option. To comply with the rules, CardX automatically detects when a debit card is entered and applies no fee. You pay only the low cost of debit card acceptance.

A Zero Cost Solution for Every Way You Accept Cards

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